Geeta Tailor

YES Group Leader London


YES Group Leader GEETA TAILOR has been a member for almost 15 years and served on several of the previous teams. We are delighted that Geeta is the leader 2017-2019 as the YES Group re-structures and creates greater value.  Geeta will continue to bring awesome speakers to create a WOW event every month.

Geeta says….. “like many people I came to the Yes Group having just completed UPW in 2003.  So much had changed for me after UPW, I had a new set of friends and a revived sense of purpose.  The Yes Group allowed me to connect with like minded people and help me discover more of what I could do and achieve in my life”.

Currently a Trainer for Robbins Research International she gets to support Tony Robbins at his life changing events with a top class peer group around the world.

Geeta is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, with her  own clinical practice. She works with people to help them achieve optimal health and well-being. Geeta does this with a variety of in-depth biochemical testing including Live Blood Analysis.

Tony Robbins says “People’s lives are a direct reflection of their peer group”.  For me this is what YES Group is all about, where several minds become one.  The team at YES Group London are here to support you and provide you an inspiring and safe space to learn and grow.

Come and join in!