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November 2017 – YES Group London

29th November 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm





Dr Rohan Weerasinghe, often referred to as Dr Ro, has been speaking to audiences in the field of Personal Development and Human Psychology for 30 years and is also considered by many to be one of the UK’s most inspirational speakers.

Dr Ro grew up having a difficult journey with his father having multiple strokes and passing away when Rohan was 13. He experienced divorce in later years and his mother winning her fight with cancer. These events shaped who he became in his early years. Even whilst working on his PhD in Civil Engineering during his 20’s, Dr Ro was learning interventional skills and honing his personal development skills.

Having achieved his PhD and becoming one of the leading specialists in his field he realised his true calling was towards helping people create positive transformations in their lives. And so he made a radical life change to follow his true purpose.

Rohan runs several businesses, has an online personal Development brand called Elite Mind Engineer, has developed a multi-million pound property portfolio starting with nothing and has spent the last 15 years teaching others across 18 different countries to do the same.

In 2011, Dr Ro went on to become an Author with an Amazon Best Selling book Turning Point and he speaks publically around the world on the subject of the psychology of change with a powerful recipe for success in life. Dr Ro has shared stages with people such as Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, Erin Brockovich, Les Brown, Richard Branson and Tony Robbins to name just a few.

His Path To Success

When asked “What was it that made you achieve this level of success?” Dr Ro says

“You simply have a passion for life and must not be afraid to follow our inner voice – the one that comes from deep in your soul that tells you what you know is in your heart and not in your head. That is what I learned to do. In the engineering world I was forced into my head and yet all the personal and spiritual development work that I did on myself taught me that is was our heart that holds the true answer.”

“I believe above all I was coachable, keen to learn from those who had already walked the path I wanted to walk and was not afraid to invest in myself. During this process I realised I needed to look deeply in the mirror and ask honest questions – and through this process I was able to apply a new recipe for success. One that I now love to teach others.” 

Dr Ro’s Talk – A Recipe for Success

After 30 years in the world of human transformational work Dr Ro has developed a simple but effective method of making small daily commitments which lead to long-term positive changes that become habits when applied with passion.

We lead busy lives and that’s the biggest challenge. We have information overload – TV, Phones, Computers, Emails…noise, noise, noise. For many people they have lost their sense of purpose and direction to their life. The key is to work on each of the five key areas of our lives and not just one. If we do this it allows us to feed our soul, our head, our heart and our bank account!”

“Although the term “recipe for success” may sound a little cliché – if the approach is simple, applied easily and gets results then that’s all that counts.” Says Dr Ro.

There are FIVE ingredients to the recipe. During his presentation Dr Ro will share with you these KEY ingredients and how to apply them on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Through his engaging style Dr Ro will challenge you to reflect on specific areas from relationships to money, from charity to health and ask searching questions that are intended to help you reset your internal compass for success.

By the end of the presentation:

  • You will have Dr Ro’s Recipe for “Creating more Purpose in Life”
  • You will have Dr Ro’s six-step process for creating massive Turning Points at any stage of your life.
  • You will have Five practical Daily actions for the next two weeks that will start you on the path to developing new empowering habits for change.

Do not miss this inspirational, challenging and fun talk from Dr Ro. He will also be offering a chance to get sixty days of FREE powerful tools that will help you make changes to your finances, relationships and personal growth – coupled with a chance to win a FREE one-to-one coaching session with Dr Ro.



On October 12th 1984, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) exploded a bomb in the Grand Hotel, Brighton, during the Conservative Party Conference killing 5 people and injuring many more. Among those killed was Sir Anthony Berry MP.

The family of Sir Anthony Berry were devastated, but for his daughter Jo, it also started a life-long mission for peace.

16 years later, Patrick Magee – the man who planted the bomb – was released from prison and Jo arranged to meet him. As they listened to each other’s story, they came to realise that this was the beginning of a journey of peace a
nd reconciliation to which they were inextricably bound.

Jo Berry, has devoted her life to building bridges for peace. She has spoken at United Nations Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action as well as talks in Palestine, Lebanon, Rwanda and throughout the UK.

Jo will be sharing her journey and how she has worked to bring about peace for herself and many others who suffer the trauma of violence, war and terrorism.


29th November 2017
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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Yes Group London


Grand Connaught Rooms
61 - 65 Great Queen Street
London, Covent Garden WC2B 5DA United Kingdom
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